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Dorrigo 1 Property Sales is well named as the Number 1 Real Estate in Dorrigo whether selling or purchasing property. We had great pleasure in getting to know Murray and Jane during the extensive lead up to, and successful sale of our property. Murray is impeccably honest, thoroughly professional and always willing to go the extra mile, such as dealing with the local council for us and even calling us from England while he and Jane were on holidays.

John & Annette

Above and beyond!

Murray and Jane are a rarity in their industry; scrupulously honest, with an attention to detail and a commitment to match the right buyer for the right property. No coercion into unrealistic properties or prices, they truly listen to their customer’s needs, and then simply deliver. We felt safe in their hands with a challenging purchase, and we could see that they gave equal care and consideration to the vendor's particular set of needs. Skilled negotiators and true to their word, we can’t imagine going elsewhere with our Dorrigo property needs. Thanks Murray and Jane for helping us to find our perfect piece of Dorrigo paradise. B & P

P & B

To whom it may be of some interest.
Ah! Murray Slender and Jane Wells. How can I ring the bells of their wondrous weaving of life changing events. Let me count the ways. Firstly, under the guise of a pair of mild mannered property purveyors, they are really wizards in disguise. With an inherent skill to peer deeply into the dark depths of an innocent vendor, extracting the deepest held desires to 'MAKE A KILLING', and bringing the calm rationalisation of reality to bear, dashing such desires and - here is the amazing part.- honestly imparting to said vendor, what is the true reality of achievable results. This Much and No More is the mantra of this mysterious pair, and, perhaps surprisingly, their mystical pronouncements bear more than a small modicum of truth.
Secondly, were they brought up in a circus? Their ability to juggle numerous events at one time borders on more than spooky. In this instance, casting two castles into the dimension of lost souls, and, at the same time, fishing a third castle out, to lay it at our feet all sparkling and glittering and totally irresistible. BUT, there's more. Nothing but nothing is unachievable for this mighty duo. This mighty juggling could well have exploded in our face, but the Slender wand was waved over this conundrum of events, and a spell was weaved that created possibility out of impossibility. And LO! In the fullness of time all things came to pass. Oh, we of little faith have now been converted to the true meaning of:-
"Trust me, I am a true purveyor of the great art of Agency, while all around me fall to darkness'.
These wizards can be truly trusted.
Thirdly, their care never ceases. Having settled all the drama associated with our castles, this mighty wizard pair did not cast us into the darkness- no, they cleverly contrived for us to inhabit a cave nearby to them, so they can still cast their caring charms over us. If I gaze from my castle turret, I can feel the warmth of their protective gaze still lingering over us. When we come to quit this grand abode, I am sure that the Wizard Slender will once again be called upon to wave his wand over us and ensure we have a safe future. Of course, with such care there is always a price to pay, and for us this means becoming involved in certain ackane ceremonies that the Wizard Slender is involved in at a festive time. But, we partake willingly, because to cross such a mighty wizardly pair would court serious bolts of lightening and other dark events to cross our new threshold. Hold your friends close, but hold mighty wizards closer, even when you do trust them.
Here endeth the lesson. Bill & Carolyn Baggett

Bill and Carolyn Baggett

Perched at the pointy end of real estate agents in Dorrigo, Murray Slender is the only agent you should deal with. He is attentive, professional, ethical, amicable and very knowledgeable about amenities and services available on the Plateau. He has made the whole purchasing process much less stressful than it can be with his continued support and knowledge.
When we first started searching for our forever home in Dorrigo, Murray was the only agent to sit down with us and discuss our criteria. Initially, we spent an hour and a half with Murray, chatting with a hot cup of coffee and a nice biscuit. We felt like we were visiting an old friend. This was a new experience for us because other agents in the area seemed uninterested in discussing our needs or even returning our phone calls.
If you want to buy or sell your property in the Plateau Region, it would be a prudent move to call Murray. You can trust Murray, and his words and actions are beyond reproach.
We’ll see you soon Murray for that shared port in front of the fire.

Your new friends
Lindy & John H

John & Lindy

We have had many property dealings, yet rarely have we had the pleasure of working with an agent as genuine, honest, and thoroughly professional as Murray Slender.
Purchasing our rural retreat was a retirement ambition and once we had found our Dorrigo dream, securing it, and all that was involved, would not have happened so easily without Murray’s constant navigation and communication.
The purchase was not straight forward as it was a joint venture, both parties lived a few hours away and the vendors had significant other matters to deal with that prevented them being on site. Murray and his partner, Jane managed the complexities with patience, positivity, and total commitment to getting the best result for all involved. They both went above and beyond, organising trades and services, providing local contact and suggestions, as well as answering a myriad of questions, night and day!
As a result, we now have new friends in Murray and Jane, we have begun our dream feeling welcomed and supported and we thank the team at Dorrigo 1 Property Sales for making this happen.

Penny and Graham Small
July 2020

Graham & Penny Small

"We purchased our Deer Vale property from Murray in August 2019 and the experience of dealing with him was like no other we have experienced before. In fact, until you meet Murray and do business with him, you won’t understand exactly how bad all of the others real estate agents have been. We are in our 50s and have bought quite a few houses over our lifetime in the Sydney, Canberra and Blue Mountains areas. If you are like us, you will have just come to expect mediocre service and a good deal of “real estate speak”. Murray takes the time to really understand you and your priorities. He is honest, diligent, well-informed and genuinely motivated to do the best for both vendor and buyer. The later is not an easy undertaking, but Murray is such a decent person that this seems to come naturally to him. We have already recommended Murray to other potential buyers and we have complete confidence in doing so. It doesn’t matter what criteria you care to apply to the service provided by Murray - it will be five stars every time!”

Kind regards, Toni and Conrad

Toni and Conrad

Murray was always different to the rest, he was easy and friendly to deal with and he took the time to know my beautiful unique property as well as I did. Murray would put in as much time as the potential buyers needed to view the property. He kept me informed and updated regularly and always provided feedback from the prospective buyers.
I truly appreciated his honest opinion and he understood the Dorrigo market very well. His level of professionalism was exceptional, and he delivered on all that was promised. I can highly recommend Murray and Dorrigo 1 for your real estate needs.
Tracey C.

Tracey C

Murray and Jane at Dorrigo 1 Property Sales are Professional, reliable and honest people. Murray was exceptional in helping us find our 'Dorrigo' home. His welcoming approach and knowledge of the Plateau Region was extremely helpful and informative. He kept in constant contact with us regarding all processes relating to purchasing our property.
Murray and Jane were so supportive and understanding during this time and we took comfort in knowing we would be looked after.
We would sincerely like to thank them for their professionalism and ongoing friendship.
We highly recommend Murray & Jane at Dorrigo 1 Property Sales for all your real estate needs.

Stephen & Wendy (Brisbane)

Stephen & Wendy

Murray and Jane - Dorrigo 1 Real Estate

I would like to sincerely thank you both for the assistance that you gave my husband and I in the selling of our family home at the end of 2018. Although words cannot express the extent of our gratitude, we would like to offer this testimonial as the least that we can do in return for everything you have done for us.

When I first contacted your office late last year in search of an honest and supportive real estate, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. I was about to commence the process of selling my late parent's and formerly grandparent's home which had been in our family for well over 50 years and so my emotions were riding a roll-a-coaster. However within minutes of speaking with you, my nerves had calmed and I felt complete trust in handing over such a precious process to
Dorrigo 1.

From that first point of contact not only did you treat us with utmost respect but you were sincere and showed great empathy to our emotional state and situation. At our first meeting in person, your extensive local knowledge and clear explanation of the legalities involved in selling property, assured us that we had made the right choice in selecting your business with such an important aspect of our lives.

Murray, your regular updates both in person and via text and phone, kept us in the picture along every step of the journey. The reassurance that you gave us enabled us to be able to focus on other aspects of our busy lives. Your background in the building industry was such a valuable asset when discussing the condition of our home and in determining a realistic price range. You provided us with recent statistics and comparative properties both on the market and recently sold in the local area. Your local knowledge was amazing.

Throughout the entire process Jane and yourself demonstrated exemplary customer service. At all times you made us feel your 'A1' customer. Your mediation with our legal representatives, local council and other parties involved was exceptional.

Thank you for providing us with a service that was supportive, personal, genuine and stress free and ultimately a great outcome for all involved.

Adele & Roger Rae

Adele & Roger Rae

I can wholeheartedly recommend Dorrigo 1 Property Sales to all interested in either buying or selling. I have done both with Dorrigo 1. Murray Slender goes well above and beyond the job role, to the extent of clients becoming friends with both himself and Jane. I would certainly use Dorrigo 1 again without any hesitation.

L.C. of Dorrigo

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Murray Slender and Jane Wells of Dorrigo 1 Real Estate to you for your consideration. We have known Murray and Jane, both personally and professionally, for approximately seven years.
After listing our rather unique property for sale with Dorrigo 1, Murray and Jane worked tirelessly to find the most fitting purchaser for our home and then the absolutely perfect property for us for our retirement years. Both Murray and Jane made the whole process as smooth as possible, keeping us fully appraised as to the proceedings at every stage. Nothing we asked was ever a problem. We found them both to be professional, circumspect, knowledgeable, honest and pleasant at all times.
If you need to sell/purchase a property, you cannot do better than to list with Dorrigo 1 Real Estate, and have Murray Slender and Jane Wells act as your agent.
We wish Murray and Jane continued success in the future, they are certainly deserving of nothing less.
Bruce and Lynne Lawson

Bruce and Lynne Lawson

Many thanks Murray for your assistance with the sale of our property. We appreciate that you kept us so well informed every step of the way.

Kind regards
Cheryl & Keith

Cheryl & Keith

Selling real estate is an art, not a set of mechanics. With a big agent or a national franchise it’s like going hunting with a blindfold and a shotgun. Any success achieved is sheer luck.
By placing our property in the hands of Dorrigo1 Real Estate, we had engaged the services of a skilled hunter, totally familiar with the local “forest”, who used a rifle rather than a shotgun to pick off the most likely match of seller and buyer to achieve a successful hunt for both parties.
Our house had unique characteristics which meant that the target market for buyers would be very small and focussed. They would have to be individually identified and dealt with one-on-one, a rifle job not a shotgun.
In three weeks, Dorrigo1 had identified two most likely targets, presented the house to them as an answer to their needs and obtained offers from both, one of which has been accepted and the sale progressed. The communication management was simply excellent for both us and the buyer.
In three weeks Dorrigo1 have closed a hunt that we thought might take many months or even a couple of years.
You want a result? Then use a hunter with a rifle not a shotgun.
We think that says it all.
Pat and David Halliday

David & Pat Halliday

To whom it may concern
Re:- Murray Slender

Earlier this year, we purchased our new home in Dorrigo through Murray Slender.
Murray impressed both of us with his efficiency and reliability and especially with his willingness to make himself available for questions outside of normal business hours. His honesty, thorough local knowledge and genuine affability helped make our purchase a pleasant, non-stressful experience. We would highly recommend Murray as an agent in any real estate transaction.

Marion and Alan Cook, Dorrigo, NSW, 2453

Marion and Alan Cook

Robert and I are so pleased that you have opened your own Dorrigo 1 Real Estate Agency. It can only be an asset to Dorrigo as you have a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in the area and are well liked. As buyers, sellers and landlords we have found you unfailingly cheerful and enthusiastic and having a genuine interest in satisfying our requirements. We appreciate that, when asked you are happy to give realistic and considered advice.
We look forward to doing business with you in the near future and happily recommend your services.
Best Wishes,
Robert Sharland and Diane Engler

Robert Sharland & Diane Engler

ATTENTION: Murray Slender - Real Estate Sales and Management
RE: Excellent service in the sale of 33 Dorrigo Street, DORRIGO
Dear Murray,
Now that I have settled into my new address in Victoria, I wish to acknowledge the
excellent service you provided as the agent responsible for the advertisement and
subsequent sale of my house in Dorrigo.
Throughout the entire process, I found you to be efficient, attentive and professional,
with a caring attitude and an easy-going, friendly persona.
I hope to convey my respect for your efforts to future cliente, so that they will know that
they are in good hands, and on this note offer my full recommendation for Elders Real
Estate as a group.
Please accept my thanks - Merry Christmas and many happy wishes for the coming
New Year to Murray and all of the staff at the Real Estate, Dorrigo.
Kind regards,
Enid Lacko

Enid Lacko

Dear Murray,

We thought that you might appreciate to know how much we have
enjoyed our business experience with you.
We have found you to be a very competent and thoughtful Real
Estate agent with invaluable knowledge of the local market and a
sense of fairness seldom seen in your field.
Your impeccable honesty and straight talking manner, (always
playing with a straight bat!) has ensured that a great deal of trust
has developed between us and this trust will bear us well into any
future dealings with you.
Your ability to match a buyer to a property has been a bonus for us
on both ends of the deal. We were matched to a property that
needed renovation and then a purchaser who needed a newly
renovated home was found for us in record time. Excellent forsight!
From our initial contact with you there has developed an important
relationship based on your consistent and reliable communication
and advice. This assists us to run our business more effectively
and makes you a valued member of our team.
We look forward to doing more business with you and hope that
we may find Real Estate agents like you in the other towns/cities
we decide to invest in. The bar has been set high.

Warm Regards
Tim Hulsman and Nina Grant

Tim Hulsman & Nina Grant